your pinterest favourites


I always see people mention how pinterest is their biggest driver of traffic but have only more recently seen it climbing up my ranks.

I thought I would share what have been “the internet’s” favourites because I am nosey and think other people might be nosey too and perhaps there is something we can both learn from it.

Food posts

banana peanut butter chocolate brownie oatmilk shake - MYCreative Photography vegan hot chocolate - mycreative

Pinterest is great for collecting recipes. I now I use it all the time for that. Two posts that have been consistently clicked through have been my vegan brownie milkshake and a vegan hot chocolate recipe. I think the niche nature of the recipes (ie vegan) help too as well as simple styling.

Simple DIYs


By simple I mean like two minutes. These upcycled shopping bags where really easy to make and therefore something that is easy to replicate.

Being helpful

building better habits like I love myself styling props on a budget

I think it is human nature that we are always looking to improve our lives. I am interested in learning from other people’s experiences and I think that means others are too. Share your knowledge and experiences in easy formats like a list, keep it focussed and if possible make a printable. My tips on collecting props on a budget and how I am making habits both proved very popular.

Also noted

>>> I now try and put at least one portrait orientated image in posts that I think are pinnable. Although it has been landscape pictures that have been most popular from my site (as you can see above)

>>> Writing on an image really makes it easy for a person to see what the post is about and means that it is more likely to be repinned once on pinterest.

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So how about you. Is pinterest a big source of traffic for you? What do you find are your most popular images?

On a side note isn’t it interesting how quickly words are created from ‘technologies’: ‘pinning’, ‘pinnable’, ‘printable’ etc