read ’em and eat


I can’t believe it is nearly August! Even though we are still on ‘holiday’ we are back home and I am trying to get back into routines, starting to plan for the coming months, getting back to some semi-regular blogging and start preparing for the course I will be teaching next year (which involves amongst other things the book hiding under my kindle there).

So in honour of the getting back to blogging here is a ‘read ’em and eat’.

read ’em

Off the internet I have just finished reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. I had only read Murakami’s short stories After the Quake before and his writing and story telling is a bit different from what I usually read. This book is looonnnnggg (it took me two weeks to read including full days of reading sitting on the beach) but I did enjoy it in the end. It has a touch of the magical realism which I am a big fan of. The Guardian has an in-depth review if you want to find out more before committing to it.

On the internet:

I have been having gazpacho almost every day this week because there is no way I am cooking in the heat. If I can find some yellow tomatoes this version might start making rounds.

Honour your limits has me thinking.

On Instagram I just started following: the cutest bunny you will ever see and the dictionary of obscure sorrows which is words instead of pictures but beautifully written and although I am not one to lean towards sorrow it is necessary to appreciate joy.


After a month away from our blender I am loving having smoothies back. I am trying to up the veggie quotient in them and a smoothie we had in a town in Japan inspired me. Yellow peppers.

Ingredients: one cubes frozen spinach | one banana (frozen if you have) | one yellow pepper | one nectarine (or other stone fruit) | handful sunflower seeds | scoop hemp protein | water and ice

Blend and serves two generous portions.

Do you have any secret veggie suggestions?

read ’em and eat


Not a normal Monday post but I had issues connecting to wordpress on Sunday and then I was out for the night. So here you go a few read ’ems that have been hanging around for a while.

Read ’em

Loving this new blog find with a very powerful message Women Against Negative Talk. She has a way with words.

I am building up my summer reading list and these are looking good.

With our trip to Japan imminent this Japanese photographer is inspiring me. Their use of light and limited space is beautiful.

I am liking this idea of a power hour.

A reminder about this book that you should read (or at least watch the video links)


Due to my breakfasts becoming a bit more of the same but different fair with the smoothies, I thought I would open this up a bit. Still not really a recipe but more a suggestion.

I made a version of this sandwich for lunch a few weeks back and it is so good I have made it at least 6 times since. Here is my combo:

  • cannellini beans crushed with olive oil and salt (the lazy person’s hummus you could say).
  • provolone cheese (because we don’t get cheddar here)
  • rocket
  • gherkin
  • artichokes
  • pesto

It’s good. You should make it. I now think I might become a sandwich convert again. In fact this one might be next on my list to try.

read ’em and eat

hot-cross-bun-french-toast-mycreative Read em

More movies should have dance scenes ’cause this just made me happy.

Best easy cookie idea ever! (not a healthy one).

There is always a bit of obsession around money, how to make money from blogging, how to make more, etc, that it is nice to see someone talking about a ‘big enough’ business.

An interesting idea of leaving yourself wanting more.

I really need to make the time and space to declutter. Some good reminders here.


I made these hot cross buns over the Easter weekend (because can you believe you don’t get hot cross buns in Italy). The only change I made was swapping the flour for spelt. But I never seem to get bread-y things right and they were a little dry. So a few days later when I hadn’t devoured them all I made some chopped up hot cross bun french toast. Topped with bananas and my attempt at coconut butter (which I am not sure is as smooth or spreadable as it should be. Might try again with adding some coconut oil).

On a side note: a major benefit to cutting up the bread into chunks is that you don’t need to use a knife when eating it and can probably also type a blog post, or read a book, or something while you are eating breakfast. That is a power move!

read ’em and eat


Just a short one today as my  lurgy seems to have caught up with me.


I fell into the TEDx bucket. This one on how to stop screwing yourself over was interesting. I’ve mentioned before my interest with words and the power they have. Stop saying fine is something that I am adding to my list (along with I’m busy as a response to how I am).

Beth Kirby’s Instagram photos from Japan are getting me excited about our trip later this year. Just need to book some places!

I need to give up eating rubbish snack (chocolate addicts raise their hands). After reading In Defence of Food I thought a more lifestyle friendly solution is to just eat ‘sweet snacks’ I make myself (and eating good quality gelato because honestly that isn’t going to stop happening). This healthy chocolate fudge is definitely going to the top of my list.


This is the first non-liquid breakfast I have had in about a month. I am loving those smoothies man! Anyway, some days pancakes are required (especially when your lingering cold has you up from three in the morning). The toppings on this one are kind of Greek/med inspired (a combo of Crete holiday dreaming and  paging through the Toast catalogue that I had my mom send me (priorities right!?)). Banana (because always), dried fig, almonds (not chopped because I was too lazy) and a sprinkling of halva. I also added a drizzle of tahini after the pic because I just can’t . Also great on a porridge or muesli and I am pondering a smoothie combination with this too.

read ’em and eat


This week I got attacked by a throat and ear lurgy. And I had some deadlines at work. So it has been pretty full on. But I realised that a ‘bad’ week in my life at the moment is really pretty darn good still. Yes, I still have a terrible relationship with chocolate (meaning I eat it everyday and still haven’t shifted any weight off this year). Yes, I have no idea what I am doing with my life in the big picture sense. But man is my day to day life awesome. And just appreciating the ‘nows’ makes you super happy. I mean I seriously feel like I am on some natural prozac all the time. I am wondering how I can bottle this feeling for future ‘down periods’. I’ll let you know if I am successful.


I am always in love with Siobhan’s Friday link-ups. (Do you have any good ones?)

I want Tiffany’s office space, or for her to come over and magic my rental into something so beautiful.

I am starting to eye up birthday cakes and this hazelnut and mascarpone one is currently leading the race.

These scarves are beautiful.

I might be going hysterical but I found this incredibly amusing (warning it is only cats on the internet).

This project is a great way to get you off your phone and help give water to children in need.


Um, another smoothie … sorry they are all I am eating for breakfast at the moment! So many combinations. I might try a beet smoothie soon though …

Check out the recipe for this one on Instagram. The one above (had in bed this morning) is the same but looks more chocolatey because I used a different leaf with a pink stem so the colour changed. There was no chocolate in it. But it was still green in spirit.

read ’em and eat



Just a light list this week. I want to go our and play with the sun!

We are never ready. If only I knew what I wasn’t ready for …

I love these paintings found via The Jealous Curator. I think it must be because they are so photographic.

These cookies look delicious and no making required.

Wisdom from Instagram.


I made another winner of a smoothie this week. Actually two but I shared the other one (apples and hazelnut) on Instagram.

This one used just a few leaves of chard (it is chard right?) that I picked up because it had a pretty colour. I learnt a lesson last week that a smoothie can have too much green in it so I added just a wee bit to my smoothie. Light green is better than no green right?

Anyway the ingredients for 2 servings are:

  • 1/4 cup almond meal
  • 1/4 milled flaxseed
  • 2 frozen mango slices (I assume it is about 1/3 of a fresh mango)
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 blood orange
  • 3 or more leaves of chard
  • 1 tablespoon tahini (heaped)
  • 2 cups water