summer intentions

summer intentions

It is going to be an amazing summer. Tim’s summer holiday lasts from tomorrow until the end of August!!! That requires multiple exclamation marks in my opinion. I start working part-time at the school after the summer so I am planning on having a productive and beautiful summer and thought I would write down some intentions so I can keep myself in check.

  1. Find my creativity again. I have not even felt like picking up my camera of late. I am going to play around with a few other crafts. Sit down with paper and colours and explore my creativity.
  2. Make adventures.
  3. As much as I am not enamoured with the idea I definitely need to work on my dissertation.
  4. Switch off the computer and spend time outside.
  5. Read some books. After ages of not reading too much (it is hard when you are studying to justify) I have been reading a bit more lately (procrastinating on writing my dissertation perhaps) and definitely
  6. Feel the sun on my skin.
  7. Regular dips in the ocean.
  8. Make some popsicles (I just need to find popsicle moulds – why didn’t I think to pack them when we moved?).
  9. Eat lots of salads.
  10. Keep exercising.

What about you? Are you planning on anything special this summer?

trieste | a little of muggia

muggia beach muggia church

We had our first summer visitor this week and we did a little bit of exploring. The weather put on a great show and we had to head to the beach. Now, when I say “beach” this is a bit different to what I grew up with at home, ie sand gradually giving way to sea, with waves either gentle or aggressive. The beaches here are cement stretches that turn to rocks with a drop into water where you can’t touch the ground. I have to say though, that even though the beaches themselves might not be as pretty to photograph I prefer the fact that I don’t get sand all over me when applying sunscreen and that there aren’t really waves which I am still kind of nervous of as an adult. Plus the water is much warmer than that in Cape Town.

We decided to take a little boat trip across the harbour to the fishing village of Muggia. I hadn’t yet visited so it was new for me too, which is always fun.

The beach is a strip that admittedly looks onto the industrial complex that stretches between Trieste and Muggia although the water itself is clear and lovely! It is the village itself that is quite lovely. We didn’t go into any of the churches (as we were in shorts) and ignored the sign for the medieval castle assuming it would probably just be a shell. After wondering around and snapping pictures for about 15 minutes we simply found somewhere to eat and settled down for about an hour in the heat of the day.

muggia pescheria muggia green muggia trattoria splendor

We settled on ‘Trattoria Splendor’ which seemed like somewhere the locals headed and had a simple but delicious pasta with mushrooms. The lady (who we assumed was the owner) thought we were absolutely crazy for wanting to sit outside (in the shade) when it was so cool inside. After muttering a lot while taking our orders she promptly sent her husband out with our drinks and food. He was a delightful flirty old gent of the kind that you find quite endearing. I would recommend anyone to try it out if you just so happen to be in the area, the menu is predominantly meaty however.

I’m looking forward to heading back with other visitors in the coming months, and maybe I’ll duck inside one of the churches.

thinking about style


With a new season comes that deep ‘want’ for spending all my pennies on some clothes that fit the season better. I’ve never been the wisest shopper, buying things that I love but don’t necessarily suit me or are ‘special occasion’ numbers or things that are a little boring but ‘practical’. I also wouldn’t say I am the most stylish person. I am not particularly adventurous. I lean towards a little safe. I don’t throw random things together and look good. But honestly, I kind of like the simple silhouettes, the idea of a daily uniform, the idea of wearing a tshirt with a knock out accessory. I just don’t alway pull it off.

On another note in the last six months with not having a regular job my ‘daily uniform’ has been either pjs (when it is cold and I don’t need to leave the house) or my jeggings and a tshirt/jumper. Honestly, I am a fan of the latter but think even that could do with a little bit of ‘shuzhing’ (is that how you spell it). Maybe some actual jeans!

At the same time I don’t have money to go and buy a while new wardrobe and I am wanting to work towards appreciating enough. So, I am sort of jumping on the whole “lean closet movement” that has been around for ages on the blogosphere in different projects but seems to be picking up more lately. Although I have pinned thousands of items onto my ‘wear’ board In reality I don’t want to own hundreds of items of clothing. What I do want is to feel stylish, sophisticated and (oh I am getting old) comfortable! So I am going through what I need and want and working on defining my style and considering the stylish people I can emulate. I think the Olsen twins are the current winners – jeans, tshirts, floaty blouses, blazers, a little bit boho, maybe drop the heals.

I’ve made a ‘general style’ pinterest board to help solidify things in my mind. It features a lot of denim/chambray, simple dresses and neutrals with some fun elements like a bright mustard or patterned shoes. And stripes. I love stripes. I think the bulk of items I own already lean this way (gratifying to know that after 30 years I am finally getting there), but probably also a few items which I might clear out.

With summer on its way though I think there is a bit more room for playing (see my summer style board). A few more fun patterns, perhaps a pair of denim shorts and I love a good maxi (although I think I am covered on that). Some bolder colours – I love a bright orange or pink – but still with lots of cool neutrals.

So far I’ve bought a new maxi (stripes), two pairs of sandals (as I someone brought none with me when we moved!) and two new t-shirts (tell me I am not the only one to kind of get a new batch every year). I hope these items all last a while. They are basics with some longevity in terms of a uniform. I will be on the look for some new trousers though too as my black jeggings recently gained a hole in an undesirable spot.

How about you? What are your thoughts on the lean closet? What are your key pieces or everyday uniform? Are you drawing up a shopping list or do you just go to the shops and buy armfuls of lovely? Who are your style icons? Where is your favourite shop for buying t-shirts? I still don’t think I have found them. And how do you combine a minimal closet with seasonal trends? Do you or is that an old way of thinking?

film #2 – from the summer

I finally finished a film that I started in the summer and had the photos developed over the weekend.

These are just random ones from the summer: book stand in soho, ladies on Carnaby Street, Brick Lane shop and meringues and Sunday brunch.

Also over the weekend we went to the Cartier-Bresson: A question of colour exhibition at Somerset House.  I have mixed feelings about it.  There were only a few prints of Cartier-Bresson’s which had annoyingly been placed pretty close to the doorways so difficult to linger and take them in.  These were mixed in with other photographer’s who also worked on the “decisive moment” but in colour.  The question being raised which is “better”?  Honestly I think it is a rather silly question because it is an artistic choice and by choosing one or the other the photographer is making a conscious decision about what story they want the photo to tell.  That said it is free and is only a few rooms so check it out in the next few weeks if you have a chance.

Camera: Canon AV-1 | Film: Fujifilm Fujicolor 200

summer in review

Maybe if I say “well that was it” it will linger on a bit longer but with the chill in the air I think it is safe to say autumn is on its way.

That said the beautiful weather over the weekend was perfect bbq weather so we headed to our friend in the Surrey countryside.  She made a great selection of veggie and halloumi kebabs, dips and homemade flat breads.  They were fricken delicious and I’m definitely going to try and make some flat breads myself at some stage.  We also had pavlova and I made ice-tea as one more thing to scratch off my summer to do list.  I wish I had discovered this one earlier because a combination of rooibos tea and clementine juice (about 3:1 ratio) with strawberries and ice was totally delicious.  I don’t think any sweetener was necessary and they will definitely be making a comeback next summer.

It was a pretty good summer despite not having the chance to go on holiday and having to work all the way through it.  I got around to doing 9 out of 10 things on the list.  Sadly we just didn’t make it to the seaside.  I really enjoyed ‘pushing’ myself to get these few things done that marked the summer and I will definitely do one for autumn.  I didn’t blog about all of the things but I did:

Nothing ground-breaking but it is the simple things (so they say).

So, how was your summer?

southbank on a summer evening

I think two things in particular make London magical: summer and night time.  On Saturday if felt particularly summery with a lovely warm evening.  After a visit to the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate (sometimes I really don’t get modern art, either that or Hirst really knows how to take the mickey) we wandered along the Southbank towards the Royal Festival Hall.  The tide was high in the Thames and the sunset was really beautiful.  I just had to grab a couple of pictures even though they might be ‘done’.

There were so many people about and it had a real buzz going on with some live performances which seemed Brazilian inspired (although didn’t get close enough to see).

We ended at Yalla Yalla (a pop up next to the Festival Hall) which I had wanted to try before it packed up.  Honestly it wasn’t the best falafel wrap I had ever had and the service wasn’t particularly organised but they made a lovely apple, ginger and mint lemonade.