the land of the swiss

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So if I lived in Switzerland I would definitely be a landscape photographer. It is just beautiful! And the light there is so different to Italy. It has this sort of soft blue tint. Though that might be the time of year.

We visited my aunt and uncle, who live outside of Zurich, a few weeks back for a long weekend. It was a great break and Switzerland is gob-smackingly beautiful but I have to say if I didn’t have family there it would be an incredibly expensive destination to visit. Going from €1 coffees to €5-6 coffees can make you gag! But I would love to go back and explore some of their ‘brauken haus’ (I have no idea how you spell that) which are second hand and vintage stores which just litter the countryside. In one we were able to pick up an unused Alessi moka pot for €20 when it is normally priced about €200. My kind of bargain huntin!