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I’ve had an idea for a project for a while now and this is the first step. Let me introduce you to some beautiful places in my (no longer so) new town … This is the first of many I hope, Let me introduce you to stranomavero.

stranomavero is a boutique store in Trieste which I regularly walk past, gaze in the window and sometimes save up my pennies to buy beautiful bags (okay that only happened once but still). Antonella, the owner of the store, started designing jewellery 14 years ago and set up the original store 7 years ago. The interior is simple and comfortable, kind of like you have walked into a friend’s stylish apartment. A friend’s stylish apartment that is full of stylish clothes. That you can buy.

What I really love about the store is that it exclusively stocks Italian designed collections. A great way to support the local economy!

I asked Antonella a few questions about the shop and Trieste(which I hope I have reasonably translated from her responses which were in Italian. Thank goodness for Google Translate):

Why should a visitor to Trieste come to stranomavero?

stranomavero is conceptually and philosophically an international store in Trieste. It is a “concept store” with a combination of alloy wire accessories by myself and clothing from Italian designers. The result is a unique style that is non-conformist and decoupled from the fashion trends and instead is inspired by creativity and passion.

What makes Trieste special?

Trieste is a multicultural border town with Latin, Slavic and Germanic populations interacting on a daily basis. So in a rather small area there is a collection of various identities, souls, cultures which are all so different. The Italian stands out because it was always claimed as such, but at the same time there is a jostle for space and visibility by the other identities which are never silenced. This feature attracts and appeals to those who come to visit the city.

What is your favourite thing to do in Trieste?

I like to walk along the streets of the Old Town (Cavana, the old Jewish Quarter, Rive) and look at the palaces of Liberty Trieste, I savour and enjoy the air of nostalgic Trieste which flourished during the Austrian rule. The Bora (a locally famous winter wind which is freezing cold and very strong) is what I love the most. Walking against the wind, along the waterfront or on the dock by the Maritime Station when the sea is all abuzz …. so much life energy!!!!

getting there

2015-sunset-mycreative 2015-sunset-2-mycreative 2015-sunset-3-mycreative

I feel like it has been more of a slow shuffle into the new year and all that is promises rather than a leap. But I am getting there and starting to work out what I want 2015 to look like.

Until I allocate some time to actually sitting down and writing some posts I thought I would share these iPhone photographs of yesterday’s sunset with you. I just kept taking pictures as it changed and it was so darn pretty. I think sunsets are just about one of my most favourite things in the world. I would estimate that I have spent about 942 hours of my life appreciating the wonder of sunsets. Maybe I should make a book … Or one that is crowd sourced … A world of sunsets.

Anyway, I hope they set you up for a week where you stop to appreciate the magic of the everyday.

trieste photo days


Yesterday there was a ‘photo marathon’ in Trieste. Something like a treasure hunt where you get given some ‘themes’ to shoot within a period of time. I thought it would be fun knowing that my limited Italian would probably make it a little hard. Little did I know that all the ‘clues’ where going to be sayings in dialect. (Yup we have to get to grips not only with Italian but the local dialect here too!).

I thought I would share some of my new favourite sayings and some of the photos that I entered into the little competition. First up the five I entered:


El sol magna le ore (dialect) | Il sole mangia le ore (Italian)

Direct translation: The sun eats the hour; meaning: Times passes inexorably.


Veci che varda i cantieri (dialect) > Basically this translates as ‘It is easy to find the elderly in Trieste looking at construction sites with their hands behind their back’. I basically then took a whole bunch of pictures with old men’s hands behind their back. Brilliant.


Stuco e pitura fa bela figura (dialect) | Stucco e vernice fanno effetto. (Italian)

Direct translation: Stucco and paint are effective; meaning: Just a little bit of make up makes you beautiful.


Morbin (dialect) > Translates as being of good humour, cheerful and full of life.


Amor xe amor non xe brodo de fasoi (dialect) | L’amore non è una minestra di fagioli, è una cosa seria (Italian)

Direct translation: Love is not bean soup, it is a serious thing.

And some other little sayings:

Ancora un litro de quel bon (dialect) > Another litre of wine is good

Gnampolo (dialect) > Translates as ‘A person who is a little senile (in a good way) sleeps standing up.

La vita che voio xe a barcola sul scoio (dialect) | Le vita che voglio è a Barcola a non fare niente (Italian) > The life I want is at Barcola with nothing to do (Barcola is our local sea front/beach).

Una s’cinca e un boton (dialect) | Una biglia di vetro ed un bottone (Italian) > The direct translation is ‘a glass marble and a button’ and means that ‘I didn’t pay much’.

Xe pezo el tacon che el buso (dialect) | È peggio la toppa dello strappo (Italian) > Translates as ‘the patch is worse than the tear’ or the cure is worse than the remedy.

And perhaps my favourite

Xe piú giorni che luganighe (dialect) | Ci sono piú giorni che salsicce (Italian) > Direct translation: There are more days than sausage. Which apparently means ‘What did not happen today will happen another day’. I don’t quite get it but think it is brilliant!

buildings of trieste and other hashtags

buildings of trieste

Don’t you love when you come across a hashtag on Instagram that no-one else is using. It works as a great ‘filing system’. I have started ‘filing’ my images into several categories and #buildingsoftrieste is one I started to tag all my photos of the buildings I capture in Trieste. There sure is some fancy architecture around here and it is great when I want to brag to friends or family who haven’t visited yet to show them the beautiful city I live in.

I also tag my food pictures with #mycreativeeats. I love food and this is a great repository for mini-recipes (you know the kind that are just ingredients thrown together and not really recipes at all). I also just started #mypancakeclub which I would love people to share their own pancake inspiration to. Just a unique topping or addition to the mix. I love pancakes!

Moving on from my own ‘creations’. I love #notmynonni (nonni being grandparents in Italian) from @notmynonni. Italy’s elderly make up a large chunk of the population and they are such brilliant characters.

I’ve found participating in hashtag challenges (is that what you would call them) or just tagging pictures are a great way of coming across new (to me) Instagrammers (particularly in my new part of the world) and a friendly way to grow my Instagram following. Though I suggest when hashtagging don’t go overkill!

So tell me how do you use hashtags and what are some of your favourites? And also how irritating is it that you can’t click on tags on the Instagram website?!