happy friday

happy-friday-autumn-leaves A lack of motivation last week and a lack of internet this week has lead to some silence around here. I have to say life without internet is hard – especially when you are a blogging/pinterest addict. Hopefully it will be fixed soon otherwise I might become a coffee addict when I visit the cafe with internt. I started drinking it more ‘seriously’ since I have been here but only on the weekend. I am not brave enough to have the ‘nero’ (espresso to non-Triestines) but been enjoying the caffe latte (coffee with milk more than a traditional caffe latte). There is an intense cafe culture here and some friends are planning a ‘coffee hop’ to try the different brands. I am not sure I will survive but will give it a try!

This week I am grateful for

  • my winter coat. It is not needed every day but there is a strong wind that blows here which is pretty cold.
  • coffee shops with internet! The internet at our flat stopped working over the weekend and even though it took me the better part of a week I finally made my way to one so that I could send some emails and put up some blog posts!
  • the return of Tim from a school trip he went on all of last week. It is amazing how my motivation totally drops when I have no-one holding me accountable. My plans to be more productive this week were scampered with the death of our internet. Maybe next week!

Links for the weekend:

happy friday

happy friday flower meadow One more week to go and I am sure that explains the lack of posting around here. I have had so many ideas but just not enough time to carry them out. Oh well, that definitely means return visits to this green and pleasant land.

In the meantime happiness this week:

  • A crafty meet-up with some lovely ladies in a pub with a massive bowl of chips, some yummy cole slaw and a glass of red wine. What more could you ask for on a chilly evening.
  • The Mr and I had our 9 year anniversary this week. That makes me feel simultaneously just a little bit old and truly and utterly blessed to have found a man that I have grown up with, become a better person with and somehow felt the same way about me and gave me this.
  • Soup. As I am not in my own house I have just been buying soup from Pret etc but looking forward to getting to Italy and making some big soul warming, hearty soups for my lunch. If you have any veggie friendly recipe suggestions let me know.

Links for the weekend (based totally around people I know and who are doing amazeball things):

I’d also like to say this photo was taken this week and not many moons ago in the spring. If you are missing some spring-ness head to London Fields for their wild flower meadow.

happy friday

Processed with VSCOcam I am really missing getting my camera out and taking some proper photos. Moving and activities and other things have meant I haven’t got around to getting my camera out and just practicing my skill. I am planning on spending more time on it when in Italy but hope I will get some time before I go too. In the meantime you get to see iPhone pictures!

This week I was grateful for:

  • The luxury of staying in my friend’s flat while he is away on business. A whole flat to yourself is a little bit luxurious.
  • Wine with friends.
  • Waterproof shoes.

Links for the weekend

happy friday

september-light Has this week felt long? Just me then.

Anyway, this week I am grateful for:

  • September light! It is just killing me how gorgeous the light has been this week.
  • Friends keeping me preoccupied in the evening.
  • Taking some advice and planning a weekend to Paris with some of my girls. If you have any tips let me know.

Weekend Links

  • Have you seen the amazing forest project from Cereal Magazine. People from around the world have submitted photos of forests and there are some really amazing images. I think this is my favourite (how amazing is that light!?)
  • Loving the trips down memory lane with Fresh Exchange’s pictures of my home town.
  • Great to see Anamu back in the blogging seat after some working away.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

happy friday

happy-friday-cloud I have to admit being away from the person you love is pretty hard. Last year I went away for two months and we promised we’d never be apart from each other for so long. But I suppose life has other plans. I know many of you have to deal with far more difficult and trying circumstances but being apart does make you stop and think and really appreciate (you know that whole distance makes the heart grow fonder).

So this week (and last) I am grateful for:

  • Having booked our venue for our wedding (which is now happening in London) and having registered our intent to marry. It was quite fun going down to the registry office before Tim left and being separated for questioning (nothing major just questions like ‘are you related’ and ‘have either of you been married before’)
  • Tubs of ice-cream. Sometimes you just have to.
  • Wine dates with friends
  • Jillian Michaels (to help work off the tub of ice-cream and wine).

Links for the weekend

  • Have you seen that Emily’s photography for bloggers day. She is hiring a beautiful location house for a day of shooting. Such a good idea and so sad I won’t be able to make it!
  • There is a new e-magazine publisher called Papermine which looks like a great tool for bloggers. I am already thinking of some things I can do with it…
  • Loving these wallpapers for devises from Emma Block.
  • Blog of the week: The Boffin Society. I just love their aesthetic and quirky style.

happy friday

Sorry for the profusion of camera photos around here of late. I will definitely get into the swing of actually taking proper camera photos soon!  Anyway …

This week I am grateful for:

Links for the weekend

Have a lovely weekend!