vintage-cat-mycreative It was a busy one.

There was a giant pizza, two brunches, three gelatos and an ice-cream (have I told you I am on the 5:2 diet, no? more on that later).  The cat was from the most amazing vintage warehouse on Maltby Street which is massive, full of beautiful stuff I can’t afford, and a makeshift dance studio filled with vintage chairs and drapes like some gorgeous looking bordello!

You should try: Home Slice (thanks Jo for the recommendation) and La Gelateria (after trying their tartufo with chocolate and hazelbut at Maltby Street on Saturday I went and found their store in Covent Garden on Sunday and had their bitter chocolate and caramelised balsamic vinegar – delicious I tell you).

I also went to the Junkaholique jumble sale and found my wedding ring! I had decided I wasn’t going to get a wedding band because I love my engagement ring so much and figured I should be so greedy but this vintage piece matches my engagement ring as though they were made for each other and fits my finger perfectly. It was meant to be!  I was in a bit of a funk when I woke up but that lifted my spirits right away.  Just sad that I have to wait 10 months until I can wear it!  Now just hoping the dress finding mission is so easy.

Also after a lovely lady in Germany asked if I would be running an Eat and Snap walk-shop while she was here on holiday I thought why not and have organised another date for Sunday 4 August.  It seems to be a popular day as five people have already booked on!  If you are interested in coming you can now see details on the dedicated page and buy a spot over at the shop.

Sunday evening was all about working on Post Production stuff.  We looked at future dates (announcing another one soon), started planning our first newsletter (been a bit slow on that one, woops), thought of a new idea for a Post Production video and worked on some blog post ideas.

All caught up?  Cool, what did you get up to?

happy friday

happy friday flower Life is just really great sometimes.  Okay all the time, but only sometimes you take the time to stop and think about it.  As you have seen from this weeks posts I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge on my Eat & Snap walk.  I am just trying to figure out the e-commerce plugin and then I will announce my next one.  Tim and I sold out our first video workshop (in fact we added an extra place).  I can’t believe that barely three months ago the idea came into my head and next week we will be teaching the class!  Also this week I met up with friends and we have exciting plans a foot.  Other friends are having exciting things happen for them too.  It is good and I am stopping and thinking about it and just enjoying it.

Just one link for the weekend because it is so wise

Have a good one!  If you happen to be in the mood for some carbooting I will be spring cleaning on Saturday and selling some things down at Capital Carboot on Sunday.

over the weekend

charity shop win - mycreative

Chilled out weekend:

Friday was my day off and Mr’s birthday which included a visit to the Wellcome Collection and lunch at Spuntinos.

Saturday was brunch with the Housemate and an amazing charity shop find (okay it was in the window display so not too hard too find).  I can’t wait for some film to arrive and have a play.

Sunday Mr made a video with his birthday present.  The start of a new series on the blog, perhaps?

over the weekend

weekend instagram - mycreative

I seem to have a habit of never doing all I planned on the weekend.  Which suggests I should really plan to do less but I still got some good stuff done.

  1. Cleaned the house and re-arranged some tulips (some were past their best)
  2. Wore my lovely new red lipstick.
  3. Did a bit of underground London going to meet up with people and running some errands.  The design of the snake and ladders at Oxford Circus caught my eye.  It is so funny how you don’t notice some things for ages (years!) until it is something that you are becoming interested in.
  4. Reading some new magazines.  I am really interested in how they are designed and hope it might influence some wonderful photo album design (although still haven’t got very far on this winter to do).


over the weekend

nordic bakery cinnamon bun - mycreative Saturday: buying red lipstick, a wander around the prettiest ribbon shop ever and a cinnamon bun at the Nordic Bakery.

Sunday: a lie-in, the dlr line, Ansel Adams, falafel burger sitting by a pub window, far to generous a serving of gelato.

Currently loving: that my camera and the fact that the focus is back to sharp sharp, alien skin and saying the word fiance.

Did you have a good one?


painting for the weekend

The Mr and Mum and I spent most of the weekend sanding and painting furniture.  Well Mr and Mum mostly sanded and I mostly painted.  We had picked up a set of drawers down the street a few months (!) ago and had just had the arrival of two Ikea sideboards which I wanted to personalise with some paint so seemed like the perfect time for it.

They both look really good and I am super happy.  I will share some photos with you once there is a less rainy morning.

Yup that literally took the whole weekend… but well worth it.